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Let’s talk about Numbers:


Clients Served between 2020-2022


average sales increase our clients see after working with us


Brands launched between 2020-2022


Client Testimonials

"Nikolai has been a great help for Seven Barrels Balsamics to date and has truly made a difference for our e-commerce through all platforms that he handles for us. Managing our paid advertising and social media marketing, increasing brand exposure and online sales 3X what we use to sell."

Mark Moss

Owner, Seven Barrels Balsamics

"Nikolai has been an instrumental part of our team for digital video asset creation and he has done a fantastic job of retouching our product photography and brand videos. He is fast, professional, and dedicated to producing the highest quality work. . I cannot recommend him enough to anyone I know.”

Bani Bahari

Owner, Offcourt

“Nikolai has brought my dreams to life! Walking us through how to start a lifestyle brand, and how to market our products effectively online. He has been core to our founding and guiding us on the right path to launch our gym lifestyle brand. I would recommend him to everyone!”

Mike Trevino

Owner, One-Ton Barbell Club

Branding Design

Fly your flag! We work with brands that aren’t afraid to be bold and original. Why be like everyone else when you can be yourself? Let's create a visual identity system that tells your story and gets your business on the map, or update your existing branding to fit where you are in your journey now! Branding is the face of your business so wear it with pride! 

We offer more than just logos. We offer full brand identity systems so your business feels consistent front to back.

Branding Kits Include the Following:

• Logo Design

• Branding Guideline

• Brand Messaging

• Brand Imagery & Typography

• *Graphics Kit (Add On)


Is your product jumping off the shelf and into your customer's shopping cart? Bold and unique packaging design is the key. We design handcrafted customer-focused packaging that provides a new experience to your customers while making a statement. Take the leap and shake up the market with a bold design! 

We offer product photography and photo retouching as well as point-of-sale images.

Packaging Design Includes the Following:

  • Product Labels & Stickers

  • Outer Packaging

  • Box Designs

  • Gusset Bags

  • Product Bags

  • Gift Bags

  • Insert Flyers

  • Product Wrappers

  • Bottle Wraps

  • Can Wraps

  • Beer Can Label Designs


Sell online with confidence, and sell when you are asleep. Your website is your salesperson when you are busy running your business. We create enticing e-commerce websites on Shopify and Editor-X that will take your business to the next level. We also redesign existing websites that are on these platforms.

Web Design Projects Include the following:

• Website Plan
• Sales Funnel
• Web Platform
• E-Commerce Websites
• Setting Up Your eShop
• Graphics & Images
•Website Copy*
• Social Media Covers

*Our content strategist can develop your content (text & images) for your website and other media, or you can provide your own content for us to include in the design process.

Graphic design

Posters, flyers, menus, you-name-it, we design it. We provide general graphic design services and we create everything you need to run your business daily. We include these in branding packages and larger budget projects. Monthly retainer plans with recurring deliverables can be arranged upon request. Please email to inquire about design services.

Monthly retainer plans or overflow support can be contracted on a monthly basis if needed please email us for more information.


Graphic Design Projects Include the following:

• Business Stationery

• Business Cards

• Menus

• Posters

• Flyers

• Text-Based Designs


We provide custom illustration for merchandise design, posters, and interior design. Need a giant wall graphic for the inside of your coffee shop? Need custom T-shirt designs to showcase your new lifestyle brand? We have you covered. Big or small, you dream it, we draw it. Illustration can be applied to packaging projects and to merchandise projects.

If custom illustration is needed on a bigger scale (packaging design, apparel design, or for a large installation) we provide specialized services and vector files.

Illustration Projects Include the following:

• Packaging Illustration

• Merchandise Design

• Clothing Illustration

• Wall Graphics

• Editorial Illustration

• Custom Illustration

Digital Marketing

The pen is mightier than the sword. We develop what your brand says and how they say it. So you can be on brand all the time and win the hearts and minds of your customers, whether it's making your customers laugh or cry (in a good way), we have you covered.

We provide social media marketing and paid ad services, for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, and media buying.

Digital Marketing includes the following:

• Creating monthly social media content

• Post copywriting

• Hashtag Research

• Competitor Analysis

• Social Media/Paid Ad Management

Video Editing

We provide video editing and photo retouching services for branding projects and social media marketing. We also source for principle photography and for product photoshoots if needed for, product launches.

In need of stock images or stock video? We can provide licensing and sourcing for needed assets on a per-project basis, or put you in touch with the right person for your project through one of our partners.

Video/ Product Photography Projects includes the following:

• All final images and videos

• Videos sized for social media and your website

• Product images ready for your E-commerce platforms and Amazon


Do you provide general pricing?

No, we do not. Every project is unique and requires a thorough onboarding process and a discovery call to identify the amount of work needed and deliverables.

How long is your turn around time?

Projects can range from 3 weeks minimum up to 6 months depending on the scale and complexity. Retainer projects can go longer.

Do you charge rush fees?

Yes, we do. If you need something turned around in less than 48-72 hours a rush fee will be charged. You will be notified if a rush fee is being applied to your project total.

Do you provide consulting?

Yes, we can provide consulting. Upon request, a brand audit, a website audit, and a marketing funnel audit can be completed. Please contact us by email to schedule an appointment and initial consulting call.

Do you do overflow work for other agencies?

Yes! We take on overflow work from other agencies. If you are in need of design support please contact us at

are you accepting interns?

We do not offer intern positions currently.

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