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As a part of the rebrand, the packaging design of a few of White Orchard Artisan's cosmetic products were redesigned. They were redesigned to make them look more professional. This was done to help them compete with big-name cosmetic brands when placed on shelves in stores. 

The refresh included designing the box the product was sold in, along with the cosmetic container that came in the box. The new branding kit was also applied to this redesign to give the products a completely new look. They were then photographed in a studio with the ingredients that are contained in the products. These were but a few of the cosmetics that were redesigned during the rebranding process. 

White Orchard Artisans

cordial packaging

The famous Cherry Cordial that White Orchard produces was also redesigned to match the new branding. For this, a custom wrap was designed, featuring illustrations on the wrap. Cherry blossoms, branches, and pheasants were illustrated and colored with a color palette that matches the color and flavor of the cherry cordial. 

The blossoms are representative of the orchard, the branches to show the union of the orchard, and the cosmetic business growing. The pheasants represent the farm that is on the property and the pheasants that roost in the orchard.


Based in Portland, Oregon White Orchard Artisans is a cherry orchard that creates artisanal goods. They sell handmade cosmetic products, craft beverage/liqueur, and farm products. A rebrand was requested by the owners to modernize the packaging and the branding of the orchard. 


A branding kit with a hand-lettered logo was created along with supporting secondary logos. Packaging design for an array of cosmetic goods was designed, along with a repackage of their famous Cherry Cordial liqueur. In total, four packaging designs were created, along with a new branding kit that was applied to artisan packaging and marketing material. 


• Rebranding of the White Orchard's Cosmetic line increased visibility on store shelves and brand recognition when shopping, leading to an increase in sales and social media exposure. 

• Updating the branding of the farm lead to increased visits to the farm store from potential customers who before didn't know that the farm had a store and tours. 

•Redesigning of the Cherry Cordial following FDA regulations allowed the Cordial to be sold at local liquor stores in Oregon and Washington State. 

"We have been looking to update the branding of the orchard for some time now but could never find someone who understood our story. After talking to Nikolai we knew we found the right person. His attention to detail and craft brought our vision to life."

Samatha Morris, coo, white orchard artisans


•Brand Development                                      •Sales Collateral

•Competitor Research                                   •Packaging Design

•Packaging Production                                 •Logo Development

•Alcohol Packaging                                          •Product photography

•Brand Guideline Sheet                                  •Cosmetic Packaging

Branding, Cosmetic Packaging Design, and bottle design

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