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One-Ton Barbell Club

Branding application

Graphics from the branding kit were applied to clothing, walls, and on gym equipment. Bringing a branded look to imagery and product photography. Graphics were also mocked up into stock images to be used on a upcoming website, and on social media.


One-Ton Barbell club is a community of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and gym goers who focus on self development, personal growth, and community involvement. Based in Houston, Texas this brand is a lifestyle brand with hopes of expanding into a full gym in the coming years.


The gym is a place to challenge yourself, and push yourself to the next level. One-Ton Barbell club embodies this ideal by creating and marketing fitness wear, and gym based apparel. Featuring graphics and messaging that athletes and gym goers can wear both in and outside of the gym.


NPDesign Co. was tasked with creating a visual branding system and brand guideline along with a few T-shirt designs for One-Ton Barbell Club. The goal of this One-Ton Barbell Club is to unite those who are part of the gym community while providing them a visual identity that is bold and unique. Imagery is focused around traditional tattoo and new school tattoo designs. Combining self development based phrases and motto’s with these elements to create a one-of-a-kind look.


• One-Ton Barbell Club now has a robust branding kit that allowing them to create several different products and marketing assets.

• Brand messaging and assets have been put in place online and on social leading to a developing brand recognition among gym goers in the Houston area.

• A community has been formed around One-Ton Barbell club with a focus on powerlifting and self development that has taken on a life of its own. 

•Brand Development                                        •Logo Design

•Competitor Research                                     •Product Mockups

•Brand Guideline                                                 •Brand Messaging


Branding Design, Product Design, and Merchandising

Branding Design

A full branding kit was created including over 30 designs that showcase the visual language and identity of the brand. Rough and gritty this style reflects the feel of iron and weights you would find in the gym. This branding kit had to be modular in execution so different badges, logos, and marks could be applied to clothing, marketing material, decals, and digital assets.