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"Nikolai has been a great help for Seven Barrels Balsamics to date and has truly made a difference for our e-commerce through all platforms that he handles for us. Managing our paid advertising and social media marketing, increasing brand exposure and online sales 3X what we use to sell."

Mark Moss

Owner, Seven Barrels Balsamics

"Nikolai has been an instrumental part of our team for digital video asset creation and he has done a fantastic job of retouching our product photography and brand videos. He is fast, professional, and dedicated to producing the highest quality work. . I cannot recommend him enough to anyone I know.”

Bani Bahari

Owner, Offcourt

“Nikolai has brought my dreams to life! Walking us through how to start a lifestyle brand, and how to market our products effectively online. He has been core to our founding and guiding us on the right path to launch our gym lifestyle brand. I would recommend him to everyone!”

Mike Trevino

Owner, One-Ton Barbell Club

Client Testimonials



Fly your flag high and live life to the fullest. Embrace who you are in your business and reap the benefits of being bold in a world of boring. We work with brands who embrace their vices and wish to showcase their products on the world stage.

No longer will you be a prisoner to poor branding, outdated websites, and ugly packaging design. We are ruthless in our approach to redefine and reinvigorate businesses that deal in vice.

We specialize in branding for craft beer, spirits, distilling, restaurants, food Products, Live Events, Lifestyle, Cannabis, Gyms, and many more.

For a full list of our services check out the link below.


We work with lifestyle brands that aren't afraid to be themselves - the bolder the better. Our process caters to learning your story and the goals of your brand. Who do you serve? How do you serve them? How do your products or services change their lives for the better? These are key questions we ask and solve with targeted design solutions geared to increase sales and brand awareness.


Great food never goes out of style. So why should your products grow dusty on the shelf? We specialize in working with food manufacturers, breweries, coffee roasters, and distilleries to design their packaging, websites, and marketing to increase sales and brand awareness. 


Vice is our business. 


pick your poison.

Who we work with.

Noble Prince Design Co. works with businesses, companies, and brands in the food, craft beverage, and lifestyle industries. We focus on working with brands whose missions include being bold, authentic, and captivating in their storytelling, customer service, and products.


Our clients strive to provide their customers with the best products that allow them to escape their day-to-day. That is why we only deal in vice, making sure your products are designed, marketed, and showcased to the right audiences increasing sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.


We are here to help you focus on what is successful in your industry while at the same time telling your brand story authentically. Our philosophy is no one should be a prisoner to bad branding, e-commerce websites, or poor-performing marketing.

Our Client Success Stories

Our clients range from start-up consumer brands to internationally renowned companies!