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Black Seas Brewing


Starting as a side project in Rick Monroe’s Garage in 2017 Black Seas Brewing has expanded into a full brewing operation. Located in Tampa, Florida the brewery specializes in limited edition craft beer and microbrews. Growing steadily since 2017 Black Seas has expanded its operations to a new tasting room and brewing facility. A new branding kit was needed to go with the expansion. 


A hand-lettered logo was created along with a supporting branding kit and guideline. Also, three limited addition microbrews were designed for the reopening of the new facility. The goal was to give Black Seas a new brand identity that didn’t imitate other local breweries and made them stand out nationally. 


Three beer can wraps were designed for the relaunch of the brewery. Out for Blood (Blood Orange English Stout), Dragon Slayer (Cranberry Haze), and Midnight Minerva (Sour Ale). I was told to go crazy with the design style and I suggested going with a full can illustration for the wraps. I was given the names of each micro-brew and the flavor profiles and began drawing. 

Several rough illustrations for each can were presented and narrowed down to these three designs. All designs were illustrated in procreate and exported to illustrator to be vectorized and prepared for print. These illustrations were then applied to marketing material and large print products such as posters, banners, and signs.


Secondary marks and graphics from the new branding kit were applied to a range of other products and signage at the brewery. This included adding branding to glassware, apparel, and environmental graphics. The full rebrand of the brewery is seen throughout the new facility from the tasting room to the distribution center.

"Nikolai did a great job bringing the flavor and style of Black Seas beer to life. His work makes me excited to come in every day and brew. Our new facility now feels like a home with his help personalizing the space to fit the Black Seas Family!"

thomas radford. brewmaster, black seas brewing


• Since the relaunch of the brewery Black Seas has increased the number of microbrews it creates to meet rising customer demand.

• The three microbrews that were created for the reopening sold out within 5 hours of the grand opening. Prompting a new preorder system to be put in place for future microbrews.

•Black Seas Brewing has gained more regional recognition in Florida and the Southern United States following the rebrand. 


•Brand Development                                      •Can Wrap Designs

•Competitor Research                                   •Packaging Design

•Content Creation                                            •Logo Development

•Brand Guideline Sheet                                 •Sales Collateral

•Product photography                                  •Packaging

Rebranding, Beer Can Wrap Packaging, and Product Photography

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