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Web Design

A full rebrand of the website was completed in August of 2021 focusing on branding the website as a premium luxury brand. New product photography was taken and new branding was applied to the website. The primary goal was to update the website to be responsive for mobile use in the Shopify template that was being used. 

After rebranding the website fully and updating the existing Shopify product catalog with new product images. A full social media campaign and website re-launch took place. This reintroduced existing customers to an elevated brand image while showcasing the best the brand has to offer in premium artisan grade goods. 

The full website can be found here:


Seven Barrels Olive Oils and Age Balsamic is a premier producer of infused Olive oils and Balsamic Vinegars. Based outside of New York City Seven Barrels sells a range of Artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars to consumers.


In March of 2021 Seven Barrels reached out for assistance in social media marketing and email marketing. This included the management and creation of content of their social media accounts and email blasts to their audience of over 35,000 customers. This partnership evolved into a rebranding of their website and social media branding.


The goal of the new branding was to bring a minimalist luxury feel to the website, along with cleaning up an outdated website with broken links and pages. In July 2021 a new website was launched with coding and development done by Witty Creative.


Deliverables for each month were the following 30 Social media posts, 5 pieces of video content, and 10-20 email blasts focusing on promotions and discounts. Along with management of Facebook ads and social media analytics.


• Seven Barrels has seen a month over month growth of 3-5% in customer sales, and a growth of 12% on all of their social media platforms.

• Current ad spend on marketing has grown from a 1.34 ROAS to 3.8 ROAS.

• During the 2021 holiday season Seven Barrels saw their most profitable month in 14 years of doing business selling over 5000 units during the month of November and selling over 3,500 units during December 2021.

• Seven Barrels has also achieved a month over month new customer rate of 100 to 300 new customers a month. 

•Brand Development                                      •Digital Media Campaigns

•Competitor Research                                   •Product Photography

•Content Creation                                            •Facebook Advertising

•Email / SMS Marketing                                  •Social Media Campaign


Social Media Marketing & Product Photography

Product Photography

New product photography was shot during the rebrand of the website. The focus was to capture the elegance of the bottles with great lighting and a minimal backdrop. Products were shot so they could be photoshopped into marketing assets in the future, and also float on white web pages.