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Photo Retouching

Offcourt® launched Dogpound a performance body spray in 2021 and needed photo retouching on the product photos that were shot. Color correction, photo retouching, and photoshop work was completed. Along with prepping photos and GIFs for social media and the Offcourt® website. 


A little about Offcourt® from their website.

"We’re OffCourt. We create fuel for post-sweat skin

It’s not that complicated: We make premium products for active men who sweat and shower frequently. So, are we making products to stop the sweat?

Not at all. Sweating is great. It’s natural and necessary to keep us cool. However, all that sweat can cause odor – and all those showers that (hopefully) follow can cause itchy dryness, dehydration, and other chaos for skin and hair. That’s where OffCourt comes in."

NPDesign Co. was approached to assist with video editing for social media ads and for the Offcourt® Amazon store front. Product videos, social media ads, and motion graphics were designed and art directed together with the company owner to create a dynamic and eye catching videos.

This ongoing project evolved into photo retouching for newly released products and additional video assets for social media and Amazon. The Offcourt® website can be found below at the attached link.


• Over 10 videos created to promote videos on social media, along with evergreen video content to be used in Facebook and Instagram ads.

• Over 30 images retouched and prepped for social media, and digital use. 

• An on going and evolving marketing assets both in video and photo form that continue to drive traffic to the Offcourt® website via engaging and fresh content.

•Video Editing                                                      •Social Media Ads

•Phot Retouching                                              •Amazon Video Ads

•Motion Graphics                                              •Amazon FBA Graphics


Video Editing, Motion Graphics, and Photo Retouching

Video Editing

Video and static assets were provided along with art direction and a general concept for each social media video ad. Together a total of 10 social media ads were created for both Facebook and Instagram. Focusing on the primary selling points and customer reviews of the product. The primary goal of these videos are to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to the Offcourt website, and to show potential customers that there is a alternative to big brand deodorant products that is better for your body.