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Utrik's Forestry


Started as a logging and forestry company Utrik’s Forest Management has evolved with its goal of nature conservation in mind. A rebrand was needed to show the duality of the company that they have become, half retail and half wild life conservation. With retail stores opening in New England, Utrik’s Forestry wanted a new brand identity that showed its past and its future. 

A custom script word mark was created along with a branding kit that gave the company a new look and feel while retaining its heritage. Branding was then applied to both commercial retail assets and logging equipment, creating a unified visual identity across both parts of the business.


Branding was applied to both commercial and retail assets of the company. This unified both sides of the business bring it under one cohesive brand. Although completely different industries they share similar motivations in conservation for the environment while promoting ethical forestry management. 

By unifying the visual branding customers made the connection that the forest management company was also a commercial retailer that sold environmentally conscious outdoors goods. This connection strengthened the consumer's trust in the company and increased sales in retail locations. 

"Consolidating our branding was what we needed to do to increase sales at our commercial locations. Creating real consumers relationship with the forestry management aspect of Utrik's. With Nikolai's direction and planning, we made that unification process smooth and logical."

gordon felson. cfo, utrik's forestry


• After rebranding Utrik's Forestry expanded out of the Northeast market into the central US and southern Canada.

• Commercial sales have increased in retail locations, and along with higher customer loyalty to Utrik's commitment to environmental conservation. 

•Forest Management client outreach has also increased including acquiring contracts with state and federal agencies


•Brand Development                                      •Brand Audit and Analysis

•Retail Design                                                       •Packaging Design

•Life Style Photography                                •Hand Lettering                   

•Product photography                                  •Illustration                 

•Promotional Products                                  •Art Direction

•Coordination with print vendor             •Brand Identity

Brand Audit, Brand Redesign, Retail Design, Product Mockup & Photography

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