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Miles Deodorant Website

Web Design, Shopify, Photo Retouching


Miles Deodorderant was referred to us to help them design a Shopify website to sell their deodorants online. Together we designed a mobile-optimized Shopify website that is connected directly to their Amazon point of sale.


In 2023 Miles launched in over 150+ Target stores in the USA. As a part of their national launch, we optimized their website for increased traffic and online orders. In addition to this, we also retouched over 50+ product photos for use on their website, advertisements, and the Target website.

View The Miles Website HERE



•New Shopify Website

•Basic SEO Package

•Photo Retouching For 50+ Images

•Mobile Optimized Design

•Connection To Amazon Store Front


• Successful brand launch on Shopify, Amazon, and Target.

• POS and online system brought online for direct sales to customers.

• Shopify website where customers can get product information have their questions answered and signup for marketing emails.

• Brand launch in over 150+ Target stores 2023 successful.

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