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Video WORK

30 Second concept social media video for 7 Barrels Olive Oil Company. The goal of this ad was to set the stage for a social media rebrand. Featuring the company as a luxury family oriented brand.


The slogan "Life Never Tasted Better" is released in this video and will be the basis for future social media campaigns and advertising. Highlighting how the olive oil 7 Barrels produces brings the flavors of life together through family and food.

A 60 second brand video for Coal Harbor Coffee. A visualizer for their brand launch showing the roots and story behind Coal Harbor's name. The goal was to cinematically introduce the brand on social media, while providing background on the name of the coffee company.

The video follows a fisherman going out on a fishing charter starting his day with Coal Harbor Coffee, and ending it around a campfire warming up with coffee. The coffee beans take on the identity of coal fueling the fisherman as he voyages out into the Atlantic ocean keeping him energized and warm.

coal harbor coffee

7 Barrels social ad

cascadia video ads

15 Second concept social media videos for Cascadia. The goal of these ads were to showcase adventurers using Cascadia's products out in the world. Thrilling viewers and helping them envision themselves going on the same grand adventures.


Short and to the point, these videos posted on facebook and instagram increased brand awareness. While highlighting the adventure lifestyle Cascadia promotes among its customers and social influencers.

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