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The MAndrake


Located in Lac-Saint-François-Xavier Montreal, CA. The Mandrake is an family owned bed & breakfast, in a remodeled hotel from the 1950’s. The goal was to rebrand all aspects of the bed & breakfast from its signage to its bath towels. 


The owners wanted to introduce a hand crafted artisan look to match the nature that surrounded them. Using their own last name as the inspiration, and the rustic look of bed & breakfast I crafted this branding kit. 


After creating the graphics for the branding kit they were then applied to marketing material and everyday use items at the bed & breakfast. This gave the Mandrake a branded feel throughout the business, that was memorable and allowed guests to take a part of the Mandrake with them when they left.

By having branded towels, stationery, and promotional items The Mandrake's brand became actionable. It was easy to take snapshots of their items for social media and pair it with the scenery around them. By applying the brand in this way, marketing the bed & breakfast became seamless.

"Nikolai's approach to our branding helped up revitalize our bed & breakfast. With his help, guests have an authentic stay here that feels like something out of a movie!"

Cindy Mandrake. owner, the mandrake


• The summer vacation season saw a spike in stays at The Mandrake after the rebrand. Resulting in more bookings via Air BNB.

• The Mandrake has become a hotspot for hikers in the summer and the fall, traveling from Montreal to stay in the mountains. Seasonal bookers are now booking in advance and recommending it as a go-to destination. 

•The Mandrake has gained a size-able following on Pinterest based on the aesthetic photos taken of the landscape, and bed & breakfast interior. 


•Brand Development                                      •Email Marketing

•Competitor Research                                   •Packaging Design

•Life Style Photography                                •Hand Lettering                   

•Product photography                                  •Illustration                 

•Promotional Products                                  •Art Direction

Branding Identity, Photography, Art Direction

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