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Sweet & Boozy

Las Vegas Raiders Launch


Noble Prince Design Co. was approached by Sweet & Boozy Ice Cream to create print and digital ads for their official launch into Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, NV. Together we worked with the marketing team at the Las Vegas Raiders and Sweet & Boozy to create these delicious ads showing off their ice cream.

We designed print ads for the game day magazines which were turned into posters for the stadium along with digital ads that appear on the mega screens, over live game footage, and website ads for the main Raiders website. Environmental graphics were also created for the concession stands, ice cream freezers, and other branded items at the point of sale in the stadium.


• Sweet & Boozy had a successful launch in Allegiant Stadium becoming the official ice cream partner of the Las Vegas Raiders, which is their 7th location.

• Print and digital ads appear in front of 65,000 fans during each game for a total of over 3 million impressions over the 46 events that are held at Allegiant Stadium each year.

• Brand awareness for Sweet & Boozy has expanded to other stadium partnerships with the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Soxs. 

•Print Ads

• Video Ads

• PPC/ Digital Ads

• Game Day Ads

• Environmental Graphics 


Print Ads & Video Ads for Allegiant Stadium