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We Spent $100k in 90 days at a 4.3x ROAS

The challenge

  • Scale and maintain large ad budgets whilst battling ad fatigue

  • Develop brand assets for a sustained campaigns

  • Maintain growth as ad budget scaled

The result

  • 435% Revenue increase from the previous 90 Days

  • Conversion rate doubled

  • Achieving a 24-hour sales record of $17K

What you will learn from this case study…

✅ Why branding is essential for next-level growth

✅ How to broaden your market regionally

✅ How to structure FB ad accounts for rapid scaling

✅ How to leverage new customers to maintain growth


We started working with this brand that was in the motorcycle apparel niche and completed an in-depth brand and digital marketing audit. Together we found that their current creative and marketing was a mix of different assets from previous freelancers they had worked with leading to no consistency in their branding or marketing material, along with different marketing methods that were dated or did not work.


Together with the client, we identified their dream company (look, feel, and voice) and rebranded their website and marketing campaigns. Doing this brought a concise brand image together which organically bumped up sales. During this process, we reworked landing pages and created sales funnels for them. By bring all these assets together we were able to create more trust with potential customers and lead them into a sales funnel that is organic and engaging for first-time customers.

Updating Ad Creatives

During our audit we saw that they were not using engaging ad creative or video assets, so we developed a campaign to collect user-generated content from existing customers, along with some strategic sponsored posts to help create brand awareness. Through these two avenues, we found what ad creative resonated with their ideal customers. After narrowing this down to 5 campaigns we tested copy, hooks, and graphics to help improve these ads, and then scaled them in ad spend accordingly.

4.3X Return on Ad Spend

Facebooks advertising AI is powerful, when combined with effective email marketing and discounts it is hard not to scale good offers to potential customers. We began getting these results by crafting first-time customer offers that got customers ready to purchase. After getting them into our marketing funnel began discounted upsells that leveraged their first purchase. Once facebook had enough data from these customers, it organically connected our ads to other potential customers who had the same data points as the customers who purchased.

We continued to test new offers and scale accordingly. The whole basis of how we were able to get a 4.3X return was this brand had products with good profit margins that allowed us to create great offers. At the end of the day you can only sell a product if it has innate value, solves a problem for a broad group of people, and has large enough of a profit margin to create great offers around.

Multi-channel Expansion

We began working with this client on branding and Facebook ads. Once we found success there we were able to expand this success by scaling to Instagram, and email marketing. By doing this we created an evolving funnel that had many touch points for potential customers. Customers who entered the funnel were offered discounts, upsells, limited-time offers, and freebies that helped convert them into loyal high-ticket purchasers.

This was only capable through having multiple marketing channels that funneled into each other. On average a customer has to interact with your brand at least 7 times before they commit to making their first purchase, this can be done through organic content, video, or providing offers. We found in this case study that leveraging video, and user-generated content scaled this ad account to a new level


Overall this client came to us with one problem that stemmed from many different avenues. It is always important to invest in good branding, but it is even better to invest in branding that highlights your marketing messaging and offerings. Too many businesses think that running ads, and just posting their product will bring them sales. In reality, it is more about the offer you present and how you educate your customers, nobody likes to be sold to instead they want to be helped through your offers and have the trust to invest in your brand. If they do not see a consistent brand system with no trust they will not follow through on making a purchase that will ultimately help scale your business.

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