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$0 to $100K in Less than 2 Weeks For Black Friday.

The challenge

  • New Time Sensitive Ad Creative

  • Ad Scaling to a new revenue level

  • Quick Scaling and Leverage Campaigns

The result

  • Systemized workloads

  • Brand mission congruent with marketing

  • Fresh and highly effective creatives

  • $100k in 2 weeks in reliable revenue figures

What you will learn from this case study…

✅ Why systemizing workloads is essential for growth

✅ How to make sure you don't lose brand strength

✅ How to plan and launch new and effective creatives


This business was a new beverage company targeted at mothers who were breastfeeding and needed a product that helped with hydration and nutrition loss from constant feedings, and lack of sleep. This product is a first of its kind and had been sold on Amazon, but the company decided to move to fulfill all orders themselves through shopify.

Campaign Management

Moving from Amazon to Shopify they did not have a paid ad strategy or good SEO on their new Shopify website right before the biggest online holiday shopping week of the year. Together we worked with them to create dynamic ad creative that highlighted their product and recent move from Amazon to Shopify and that this product that had sold out before was now back in stock.

We created and managed several ad campaigns that focused on board interest groups for their ideal customers, then narrowed in on sections of customers who had visited their listing on Amazon or who had purchased in the past.

Combatting Brand Dilution

Naturally, with such a high level of creative assets, businesses run the risk of diluting their brand. Each ad iteration has the potential to lose brand messaging and therefore effectiveness. A brand guidance document was an essential tool for developing marketing assets. This ensured that every aspect of our marketing (FB ads, Email copy, Keywords, Video style) Was consistent between each testing campaigns and customers saw a unified brand across several ads and landing pages.

6 Figure Ad Frameworks

Scripting and designing highly effective video ads come with plenty of experience and marketing psychology. In the majority of our ads, we use 2 main frameworks.

  1. A.I.D.A

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

  1. P.A.S

Problem, Agitate, Solution

These frameworks are a good starting block for video ad scripting. They have a proven methodology so we use them as frequently as possible.

After designing new ads we altered and test hundreds of different creatives and honed in creatives that brought lots of cheap traffic and sales to the new website. During this time we tested and modified their new Facebook pixel and tested hundreds of search terms on google ads.

Together these marketing channels served as points of introduction for new customers and a new gateway for existing customers who could not purchase on Amazon anymore. Altogether in a two-week period we relaunched and scaled this business black Friday offer to the point that they sold out all products.


Tightly managed operations will have an extremely positive effect on your brand. Organization in all aspects of your marketing will allow you to understand the root cause of your success and double down on what works.

Brand and a good offer go a long way when directed at your ideal customer making for quick scaling when the right promotion is offered.

Utilizing proven ad frameworks, User Generated Content, and strong copywriting will allow you to scale without gambling. Tiny iterations on a proven angle will give ad accounts new life and allow even further success.


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