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$0 to $272K in 6 months with Facebook Ads and Google Ads

The challenge

  • Developing effective marketing strategies on Facebook and google search campaigns

  • Overcoming major tracking issues (double attribution on new customers)

  • Increasing customer lifetime value through upsells

The result

  • Scaling from $0 to $135,000 in profit

  • Increased scale of marketing

  • Systemized marketing funnel for long-term growth

What you will learn from this case study…

✅ The importance of building Multi-channel marketing campaigns

✅ Why double attribution could be killing your profit margins and how to fix tracking issues.

✅ How to capitalize on your customer base more effectively than ever before.

✅ How to introduce massive offer scarcity without annoying your customers


We started working with this brand at the beginning of January 2020 after they had done less than $1,000 in sales over 3 months of being open. This business primarily sells shelf-stable food products and cooking equipment to the US markets with a focus on gourmet products.

During the digital marketing audit for this client, we noticed a severe lack of congruity across marketing channels, ad-creative, little campaign planning and poor creative attention across every platform, along with not having a solid offer for potential customers.

A key focus for this brand was gaining brand awareness and market share in their industry. We knew that with our campaign management, we could build effective email marketing funnels and social media campaigns that would scale their business and provide an influx of new customers in a small underserved market.


The business owners did not have the time or experience to implement an effective marketing strategy. Our first goal was to rework their existing marketing and make sure that it was a unified brand identity across all touch points (website, social, email marketing) then we went in and help them better define their offer to customers and promotion structures they could implement.

Making the branding the same across each platform caused an instant improvement in organic results. And we saw a revenue increase of over 400% in a matter of 2 weeks. Multi-channel marketing has a compound effect when implemented correctly as it builds on top of what the customer already knows about your brand.


Allocating budget in the correct place is essential for predictable growth and so we use tools like Triple Whale to monitor the true success of our campaigns. There were large discrepancies between the Facebook, Google ad dashboard and our tracking software so after making a few decisions based on the truest point of attribution our revenue and overall results improved.

Double attribution is a major problem that E-com businesses face as the majority of good marketing agencies work on a commission basis. Our tracking guarantees that no double attribution takes place which means that not only is our ad data more accurate (Allowing us to make better marketing decisions) but were not charging over the odds for double attribution across multiple platforms.


After taking a broader view of the marketing funnel we noticed an emerging pool of repeat customers that were not being leveraged. So we built out a loyalty program that rewarded customers with a 20% discount for repeat purchases, and a referral program that gave them $10.00 off their order with every successful referral.

Together these systems helped our client organically gain new customers as organic new purchases came in when we provided more value to high-ticket customers and their referrals. Once April came around we implemented several sales and discount events to convert new customers.


Scarcity and urgency are tools that can be implemented into most brands without upsetting your potential customers… It just needs to be used at the right time and in the right place. Audience segmentation across all platforms allows us to increase the relevancy of an offer to the potential customer. We created a list of potential customers that had abandoned their carts or had visited the website several times and did not purchase. We then sent them discount codes and a special offer to help them make their first purchase.

This level of attention helped us convert new customers who then turned into returning customers month over month. Sometimes looking at small details like this and giving customers a time-limited offer pushed them to purchase and become part of our marketing lists.


The most important aspect of this clients progression was updating their ad creative. They started with poorly designed creative ads on a gourmet product that was above competitor prices. They had a weak offer and no incentive for customers to purchase. We came in and rewrote their offer and made a PPC campaign that highlighted the higher price point and why it was actually a great offer.

We further compounded this by introducing user-generated content from customers to show why this food product was high quality and better at a higher price point than the competitor's products. This led us to develop a script for ads that was extremely compelling and up-to-date with trends. We also built out videos in order to reuse and develop more creatives from single video shoots, this reduced the cost of video production and massively increased our ad ROAS.


Having a clear roadmap and expected destination helps us deliver higher returns on ad spend and increase brand awareness of a brand that had just launched.

This brand struggled to get started and needed a clear plan of action combined with new marketing funnels to scale to the next level. Working with us they were able to create a large market share in a small underserved gourmet food sector that had been dominated by their competitors for the last 10 years. By introducing them as a new option in the market potential customers have a new choice that is higher quality and more accessible.


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