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Bad tone Belts

Branding application

Graphics were applied to leather goods via hot metal branding, leather embossing, and metal casting. The graphics in this kit had to be simple yet elegant to capture the sophistication of this brand. While being striking enough to create brand recognition from simple marks. 


Bad Tone Belts is an online retailer of handcrafted leather goods and custom made belts. Focusing on premium suede and exotic leather, items are all handmade and crafted by a professional team of leatherworks and artisans. 


Npdesignco was tasked with crafting a bold and exciting visual brand for Bad Tone focusing on their south west heritage and modern crafting style. The primary goal of this branding project was to forge a visual branding system that was recognizable online and in person. Inspiration for visual branding was pulled from brands such as Redwing, 805 Beer, and from traditional leather crafters in Southern California.


• Bad Tone Belts has a bold and efficient visual branding system that creates brand recognition

• With the created branding kit they have been able to create over 30 unique products

• They are set for a smooth and effective brand roll out starting in 2022

•Brand Development                                        •Logo Design

•Competitor Research                                     •Product Mockups

•Brand Guideline                                                 •Brand Messaging


Branding Design, Product Design, and Merchandising

Branding Design

A full branding kit was designed along with a brand guideline showcasing a visual style across badges, logos, and secondary marks that could be applied to products, marketing, and on printed on clothing. The primary goal of this branding kit was to create graphics that could be burned and embossed into leather goods, cast as metal for belt buckles, and screen printed on apparel goods. In total over 50 graphics were designed in this kit allowing Bad Tone Belts to create several different products.